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Letter to Investors

Dear Investors:

First of all, thank you for your trust and support to Jun Sheng Fund over the years. The Company is honored to be with you all the way in the past years. You have witnessed the growth and expansion of the Company. We believe that the future must be a beautiful era.

The Company always adheres to the philosophy of “dedicated service for the development of companies and integrity for investment customers”, and aims to promote the rapid development of high-quality companies. It not only meets the financing needs of good companies, but also provides quality investment projects, which can be described as a win-win situation. Relying on years of experience in the capital market, the Company selects high-quality projects with a long-term resource advantage. The selected projects it selected have both growth and stability. In the process of investment, a complete set of investment decision-making system has been established to control risks and always put the interests of investors first, and help you to maintain and increase the value of assets from a global perspective.

You are the best in all walks of life. Your success today stems from your past visions and patterns, and relies on the courage to be the first and the perseverance. Investment is like a marathon, and w hat is needed is the foresight and heightened willpower. This is itself a struggle of hard work, which requires not only concentration and persistence, but also overcoming greed and fear. What we need is a constant fear of capital markets and a constant commitment and perseverance to move forward. Let us draw the beautiful blueprint of the future together on the platform of Jun Sheng. 

Shanghai Jun Sheng Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.
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