Our Services
Our Services

1. Private Equity (PE) 

Jun Sheng Fund directly invests in significant high-growth companies in the form of equity investment, and helps companies to raise funds, increase market share, enhance competitiveness, solve bottlenecks in the development process, develop and grow and increase market value, and thus achieve a premium exit.


Jun Sheng Fund invests in the pre-IPO companies in the market by means of equity investment. In the process of investment, we will actively integrate our own resources and other advantages, and contact our partners such as securities trader, law office, accounting firm and relevant assets evaluation organization to assist companies in public listing. Before the public listing is basically completed, we will help companies to increase capital and expand shares in the early stage. After the successful listing, we will exit smoothly and obtain rich profits.

3. Investment in Mergers and Acquisitions

Jun Sheng Fund invests in target companies (they are usually high-tech enterprises with the world’s leading scientific and technological level in a small field, which has obtained the exclusive patent protection barrier, and often can make up for the shortcomings of the existing boards of listed companies, or fill a certain aspect of the market gap, but is not enough to be able to go public independently) in the form of issuing merger and acquisition funds. The fund manager negotiates with the company owner to purchase its equity at an appropriate price. After gaining control of the company, the private equity funds will supervise the operation of the company for a period of time, and provide some resources for the development of the company or peel off some loss-making businesses or products, so as to gradually improve the business performance and enterprise value of the company. When the value of the company is greatly increased, the private equity fund will find a good buyer for the company in the capital market, usually a listed company, to realize the exit, so as to obtain a higher return.

4. Investment and financial consultant

The Company invests its own capital or raised capital in pre-IPO companies or the private placement projects of listed companies, provides financial consulting services to companies with listing needs, and provides professional investment consulting services for investors who need to invest in the equity of listed companies or the private placement of listed companies. 

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