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Core culture of Jun Sheng Fund: first, performance culture, and second, sharing culture. You have to think about the entrepreneurs of the controlled companies, and you have to put the interests of the investors first. Third, professional partner culture. We work together to do one thing and build a career platform.

Externally, two heads are always better than one and we always maintain a modest mentality; for ourselves, we think about your own shortcomings. This is the culture that Jun Sheng grew up in. 


                                                                                                 - Management of Jun Sheng Fund

About Jun Sheng Family

As a talent-centered capital management institution, Jun Sheng Fund fully recognizes the importance of talents, promotes the trust and respect between people, carries forward the team spirit, tolerates and appreciates individuality, advocates equal exchanges, shares experiences, is committed to effective and transparent corporate governance, creates a candid working environment, pays attention to the fairness of performance appraisal, and stimulate each talent’s wisdom and potential, so as to make relatively objective investment decisions and ensure the sustainable and replicable investment performance.

Growth Opportunities for Newcomers

Smooth communication mechanism up and down: Jun Sheng advocates the culture of equality, inclusiveness and sharing. There is no rigid hierarchy and no distinction between the strong and the weak. Only when everyone feels equal can they dare to express their opinions in investment decisions. There are opportunities for interns to communicate directly with senior managers.

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